Monday, 29 June 2015

Kidney Cancer Treatment In Bangalore

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Urology is a wide area, so it is difficult to find a best urologist in our locality. Dr Prabhudev M Salanki is the best urologist in Bangalore,India provides quality treatment for all urological conditions.The kidneys are the organs in our body which filter the blood and then remove waste material,excess water.Abnormal growth of cells in our body is known as cancer. Dr Salanki’s Center for urology offers best kidney cancer treatment in Bangalore , India at affordable price.Kidney cancer are the most common cancer.Renal cell carcinoma is the medical name of kidney stone.

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer ?

  • Blood in the Urine
  • lower back pain
  • Mass or Lump
  • anemia and fatigue
  • Weight Loss, Appetite, and Fevers

What are the treatment offered for kidney cancer ?


A surgical procedure used to remove full or partial kidney. Commonly Partial nephrectomy is performed for kidney cancer.

Laparoscopic surgery 

During the surgery surgeon makes small incision rather than making big incision.Then the surgeon then inserts laparoscope  into the small incision to remove the kidney completely or partially.

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